911 Operator Coaches CPR over Phone

What a great story, 911 operator coaching CPR over the phone to assist in saving a life. If this happened at work, wouldn’t it be reassuring if the people around you were already trained in CPR.? CPR does save lives!


(if the video is broken, listen to the actual 911 audio)

Portland, Ore. — It was a heartbreaking call, the panic obvious in the caller’s voice.

Anna Balsiger was scared. Her 52-year-old father was unconscious and gasping for air.

“He’s making, he’s making noises,” Balsiger breathlessly reported to the 911 dispatcher.

“Okay, try and calm down and take a deep breath for me, okay?” said emergency dispatcher Patty Carmolina.

The Washington County dispatcher then prepared Balsiger for action. She asked her to place her father flat on the ground, kneel by his side and begin chest compressions.

“You are going to put the heels of your hands at the center of his chest and push two inches deep,” said Carmolina. “Now, follow my rhythm. One, two, three, four, five, six….”

CPR Operator Coaches CPR over Phone

Story courtesy KGW-TV
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