Stat PADS offers a total Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Management Program
to ensure you’re in compliance with State and Federal regulations.


Why Stat PADS?

sp_cosStat PADS is the largest, most experienced independently owned medical direction service provider in the nation. Our commitment to unrivaled service and to technological innovations that help your AED Program save more lives is what we offer first and foremost to all our clients. Coupled with our stellar track record and experience spanning over a decade, we are confident that our physician-led services are the best in the market.

Establish the first link in the chain of survival with Stat PADS




What is Medical Direction?

sp_topAlso known as “physician oversight” or “medical oversight,” medical direction in planning and maintaining emergency readiness at all times is a crucial component that many customers overlook and undervalue when purchasing an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

The purchase of an AED without medical direction and without a well-maintained readiness program creates legal risk and more importantly, decreases the likelihood of a successful resuscitation.

With Stat Solution medical direction, nationally implemented AED programs have achieved survival rates of over 70%! That’s over 10 times the national average for out of hospital survival rates for victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)!

Let us maximize your AED program’s effectiveness so you can Save More Lives!

What we offer

sp_doctor_stat_smallStat Prescription

Medical prescription written by our EMS physicians to authorize the purchase and deployment of an AED.

Stat Director

Powerful yet easy to use AED program managementsuite in the cloud. Stat Director is the ultimate online tool to manage and maintain your AED program!


Cloud-based Software Includes

• AED program management tool

• Monthly maintenance logs & notifications

• Equipment tracking & notifications

• AED/CPR training tracking & notifications

Stat Solution

From initial planning to ongoing maintenance, we help you keep your AED program compliant and emergency ready with Stat Solution.

Program includes:

• Live-Support Compliance Consultant

• Site Assessment

• Local EMS Registration

• Annual Medical Direction Certification

• Complete access to Stat Director

• Policy & Procedure Manual

• Nationally Certified Physician’s Event Review

• Peace of mind


sp_moapp_screen01-loading Trainers Over Texas is excited to introduce partnership with Stat Pads and offering the AED Program for $190.00 annually.

Please call us today to order the AED Program and get connected to your local EMS and local Fire Dept.


 Office: 972-222-7722



 Why is notifying the local EMS office important?
It’s important for the local EMS (Emergency Medical Services) to know where AEDs are located in the community. In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency, the 9-1-1 dispatcher will know if an AED is on the premises and will be able to notify the EMS as well as the responders already on the scene.




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