911 Operator Coaches CPR over Phone

CPR Operator Coaches CPR over Phone

What a great story, 911 operator coaching CPR over the phone to assist in saving a life. If this happened at work, wouldn’t it be reassuring if the people around you were already trained in CPR.? CPR does save lives! LINK (if the video is broken, listen to the actual 911 audio) Portland, Ore. — … Read more

California Legislator Proposes Bill to Require AED Devices in More Buildings

CA bill to require defibrillators in new buildings Legislation would apply to structures with occupancy of 200 or more

A forward-thinking legislator in California introduced a bill to require life-saving AED devices in more buildings than ever before. We wish a forward-thinking TEXAS legislator would introduce a bill here!  AEDs DO SAVE LIVES! Currently, AED devices are only required on school campuses and in nursing homes. SACRAMENTO — Most new buildings in California with … Read more

FDA Issues New AED Approval Guidelines

FDA takes steps to improve reliability of automated external defibrillators

The FDA has announced new approval criteria for the next generation of AED (Automated External Defibrillators) devices to make them more robust, reliable and safer. “It’s not that the old AEDs are bad, it’s just that newer ones will be even more reliable. AEDs absolutely do save lives!” The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced … Read more

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